MariannaG, first time in Kuwait!

The Greek designer, MariannaG 2014 swimwear collection is introduced for the first time in the region through BeachMe! Featured already in many top fashion magazines, here is what the Daily Express has to say.

Deck Towels - Press releases

Deck Towel has become a fashion accessory when it comes to laying down under the sun! Don't miss an occasion to distinguish yourself at the beach!

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Lenny Niemeyer - The Washington Post

Looking for a taste of Brazil? No need to book a ticket as Lenny Niemeyer brings Rio de Janeiro right into your closet!

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Salinas - in the press

Sexy is not in what you wear, sexy is an attitude! The iconic Pop Star Madonna has adopted that saying during all her career. However, she never denied that you need the right ingredients to master such an attitude and Salinas is one of them!

Salinas in the news

Mar Y Sol - in the press

If a women's heart is an ocean of secrets, what would her bag contain?

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Calamarie - in the press

Diamonds are a woman's best friends but her weapons lie in her ornaments.

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